10 European Cities to Visit in Winter

For some, spending winter in Europe seems like a rash decision. Europeans do the winter because they make use of those cold, dark days with outdoor sports, delicious food, and beautiful sights. Here’s our selection of 10 must-visit European winter destinations.

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1. Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter
Breathtaking Views of Neuschwanstein Castle

Why? For the fairy tale views

If you have not heard of Neuschwanstein Castle, consider this sign to book a trip to Munich and include a stop at the famous, ornate castle. Hidden within the Giant Alps, you will find the 19th-century Fairytale Castle that most modern-day Disney castles have been modeled after. While it is beautiful year round, there is something special about seeing it surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

2. Salzburg & Vienna

Why? For the Christmas markets and the hot wine

A host of European cities (and villages) now offer the magic of the Christmas market. However, there is no place like Austria to experience a true, authentic Christmas market. Vienna is known for them, but our top favorite is in Salzburg. Both are incredibly spirited; expect to sip on the infamous gluhwein and snack on all sorts of local, warm delicacies.  

3. Budapest

Thermal bath & pools one of the Szechenyi Spa in Budapest

Why? Warm up & relax in the baths and spa

If you are looking to enjoy a chilly place while warming up, look no further than Budapest. Not only is the city filled with ornate buildings and interesting history, it is also home to the famous thermal baths! , it is also home to the famous thermal baths! Warm up this winter by booking a trip to Budapest and soaking in the steamy thermal baths and then treating yourself to a massage after.

4. Cesky Krumlov

River Bank Covered in Snow
River Bank Covered in Snow

Why? It’s simply one of the most magical fairytale cities in Europe.

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be a one in a true fairy tale? Cesky Krumlov might be the place to spend your holiday season. The small town is famous for its famous fairy-like views and winding roads. Make a trip to Cesky Krumlov for a magical holiday experience.

5. Prague

Prague During New Year
Prague Castle and River During the New Year Celebrations

Why? Take a river cruise to ring in the New Year

Prague is a beautiful place to spend the Christmas season. It has beautiful Christmas markets where tourists and locals alike enjoy spending the holidays. However, visiting Prague during the holiday season can be even more magical by booking a river cruise. Spend New Years Eve cruising down the Vltava, drinking adult beverages, and taking in the spectacular views that the fairytale city has to offer.Years Eve cruising down the Vltava, drinking adult beverages, and taking in the spectacular views that the fairytale city has to offer.

6. Zurich

Old Town & The Swiss Alps
Old Town & the Swiss Alps

Why? To enjoy a great cheese fondue paired with great wine

Visiting the large, bustling city of Zurich for a Christmastime getaway is the perfect way to experience true European winter while indulging in warm, gooey, local fondue. Switzerland is famous for this comfort food so it is not hard to find the perfect restaurant to enjoy this famous cheesy dip. comfortable food so it is not hard to find the perfect restaurant to enjoy this famous cheesy dip. Zurich also has a host of attractions to see, including the opera or just a stroll through the beautiful Old Town.

7. Interlaken

Interlaken Mountain Loops.jpg
The Perfect Base to Go Skiing

Why? To practice winter sports and enjoy the views

If you love to ski, look no further than a cozy cabin in the Swiss Alps during the winter season. Switzerland is an incredibly beautiful country with low-key ski towns. There is nothing better than skiing all day and coming home to enjoy beautiful views and warm beverages. Interlaken offers all of the above, plus a small town with cozy cafes and restaurants.

8. Rome

Rome In Winter With Less Crowds
Fontana Di Trevi

Why? For pasta and less crowds

Winter is the perfect time to visit some of Europe’s most popular cities. Not only are you avoiding the big summer crowds, but most prices are down for the low season. Travel to Rome this winter to ease your soul with a large bowl of pasta and some of the most notable history in all of Europe!

9. Krakow

Krakow Castle Under the Snow
Krakow Castle under the Snow

Why? For delicious vegan foods and a white Christmas

Make a trip to Krakow, Poland for Christmas to explore the huge vegan scene while watching snow flakes fall from the sky. snow flakes fall from the sky. There is nothing more magical than spending the holiday season in northern Europe. The days may be short, dark, and chilly but the coziness of the Polish winter culture makes up for that. Explore the Christmas markets, eat nourishing plant foods, and take some time to explore the interesting stories of Polish history.

 10. Dubrovnik


Why? Discover the Game of Thrones locations without all of the people

If there is one place that has become famous in the past few years in Europe, it has to be Dubrovnik, Croatia. The fame rose from the HBO show, Game of Thrones. Not only is the city known as ‘King’s Landing’, but it is also a site of beautiful, historic views. Winter is the perfect time to make a trip to Dubrovnik as it has become extremely popular and therefore a big-time summer destination. Explore Dubrovnik this winter without the summer crowds!

There you have it, the remarkably beautiful European destinations to spend time this winter. Book your European trip today!


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