10 Reasons to Visit Budapest

Budapest Parliament from the River

The magnificent, exciting, historical, and drop-dead gorgeous city of Budapest can provide an endless number of reasons why it stands out as a must-see destination when traveling through central Europe. The Hungarian capital offers visitors the beauty of an imperial city built during the Golden Age of European architecture, combined with an intriguing history and a dynamic modern day culture that will leave you spellbound throughout your trip. To help you get started, we’ve listed the top-10 reasons why visiting Budapest is an absolute must for any European travel itinerary. 

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1. Walk Along the Gorgeous Riverside

Melancholic image of shoes on the Danube Bank in Budapest
Shoes on the Danube Bank

The riverside provides a stunning scene for tourists looking to capture incredible views that characterize Budapest. During the day one can walk along the majestic Danube River and see the many bridges and islands that make the city unique, while at night the views are even better as the buildings along the river bank are lit up in gold.

2. The Baths of Budapest

Budapest Szechenyi Baths.jpg
Szechenyi Spa Baths in Budapest is one of the largest in Europe

Budapest has a tremendous number of spas and baths for those that love a good steam and swim. Each has its own unique style, often reflecting the different eras in history or even foreign occupation that has been seen throughout the city. Most famous are the Turkish Baths at Rudas and Kiraly, the Art Nouveau style baths at Gellert, and the huge complex of 15 different thermal baths at Szechenyi.  

3. Hungarian Food is Amazing!

Hungarian Food Goulash.jpg
Hungarian Traditional Stew. Get ready for some species!

Hungarian food is a delicious and bold combination of flavors that stand out among other European cuisines. Taking the usual meat and potatoes approach from its western neighbor but punctuating it by including bright, exotic spices from the east, and preparing it with the typical creativity and care of Hungarian chefs, you’ll find yourself in foodie heaven as you visit some of the many renowned restaurants around Budapest.

4. Taste Delicious Hungarian Wine

Budapest Hungarian Wine.jpg
The country offers a multitude of excellent wines to taste

With over 22 wine growing regions and hundreds of varietals, Hungary is a wine lover’s dream. One can find delicious and bold red wines such as Egri Bikaver and crisp white blends such as Egri Csillag, but the most famous of Hungarian wine is the golden dessert wine known as Tokaj, celebrated by connoisseurs around the world. With numerous stylish wine bars found in every neighborhood of Budapest and even several wine growing regions located less than 100 miles from the city,  you’ll have great access to enjoy a nice bottle or two throughout your trip.

5. Experience 1000 Years of History

Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest
Fisherman’s Bastion

Budapest has over 1000 years of absolutely astounding history. In that time it has seen Mongol invasions, centuries of Ottoman occupation, the creation of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a key role in both world wars, decades of communism, and finally a new era of freedom. The city carries with it countless stories that will fascinate history buffs and non-history buffs alike.

6. Wonderfully Affordable

Tram Running Near the Buda Castle in Budapest
Tram running near the Buda Castle

Budapest is considered one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities to visit. It’s easy to find an excellent meal in a lovely restaurant for under 15 Euro, admission prices to museums are often less than 5 Euro, and public transport is around 1 Euro per trip. Expect to find incredible value throughout the city everywhere you go.

7. Nightlife for Every Taste

Ruin Bar Szimpla Kert

Budapest has the exciting feel of a 24-hour city that keeps the party going all night. Whatever one’s favorite choice of nightlife, whether it be getting cozy while listening to live jazz, feeling the energy of traditional Hungarian folk music performances, grooving at packed dance clubs, sipping drinks at chic cocktail bars, or visiting the eclectic and wild ruin pubs the city is famous for, you can be certain that the Hungarian capital has something for you to enjoy at night.

8. Ideal Location for Traveling the Region

Hungarian Railway during the Sunset
Travel from/to Budapest & Discover More of Central Europe

Budapest is the transport hub of the country, making it a convenient launching point to explore Hungary or set off for other international destinations in the region. Wonderful Hungarian cities that can be visited easily from Budapest include the decadent royal city of Ezsetergom, the artistic and charming city of Szentendre, or the famously fun resorts on Lake Balaton. For international travel it’s a perfect place to travel by land, being less than a half day’s ride on the train to Bratislava, Vienna, Brno Prague, and Zagreb.

9. Unique Neighborhoods

Andrassy Avenue Budapest.jpg
Aerial View of the Andrassy Avenue

Budapest is the 10th largest city in Europe, which means there are a bundle of unique neighborhoods for urban travelers to explore. From the large pedestrianized shopping district at Vaci Utca, to the historical Jewish Neighborhood near Kiraly Utca, to the wide avenues teeming with restaurants on Andrassy Utca, to the more serene residential area on the green hills of Buda, and much more, you will always be able to find somewhere new and unique to discover in Budapest.  

10. Budapest is Simply Stunning

With its jaw-dropping imperial era architecture, romantic views of The Danube River, its Baroque castle overlooking the city, and numerous green islands and parks to visit, discovering the beauty of Budapest is unavoidable. A walk through this magnificent city is sure to capture both your imagination and your heart.

This list of 10 reasons is just a small sample of what makes Budapest such a wonderful city. We are certain that once you visit you have 100 more reasons to add to the list. Ready to travel to Budapest? Create a free itinerary in our website now!


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