Top 10 Reasons to Visit Prague

Ten excellent reasons Prague deserves a spot on your European travel bucket list.

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic has become a recent top destination for tourists – and for good reason. Prague is a romantic city located in Central Europe with a unique, fairytale-like charm. Below are ten excellent reasons Prague deserves a spot on your European travel bucket list.

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1. Incredible History

It’s no secret that Europe has some of the most interesting history. Prague is unique in that it retains much of its original, fairytale-like architecture that predates WWII. Let us help you choose a walking or riding tour in order to get a full taste of Prague’s incredible, lively history throughout the years.

Charles Bridge at Night
Walk along the Charles Bridge at night 

2. Beautiful Green Space

After a long day of walking through the city, there’s no better way to relax in the summer than in one of the many parks Prague has to offer. From Vyšehrad, Letna, Petrin Hill, and Riegrovy Sady, there is a green space (and a beer garden in that green space) somewhere within walking distance all across the city.

Riegrovy Sady Park in Prague
Enjoy a sunset at the Riegrovy Sady Park

3. Cheap Beer

If you go to Prague and only remember one thing, I guarantee it will be the cheap beer. Most restaurants and pubs offer half a liter of local beer for around 50 czk (coming in right under $2). If you wander out of the tourist areas of the city, you will find it even cheaper – some places as cheap as 25 czk. Talk about a bargain.

Beer made in Prague
Beer Made in Prague

4. Beer Spas

Completely unique to Prague, and completely foreign to Americans and many other visitors, are the Prague-famous beer spas. These spas are dotted all throughout the city. They provide a bathing experience in medicinal baths made of ancient hops and malts. While bathing, you are given unlimited beer and homemade beer bread. After bathing, you have the option to relax on a straw bed located next to a toasty fireplace. It’s a unique, must-do experience that you can only find in Prague!

Beer Spa.jpg
Traditional Beer Spa & Bath

5. Cafe Scene

Prague has some of the coziest cafes in Europe. Whether you prefer a minimalist style with locally roasted coffee and vegan options, or a more traditional, cozy cafe, Prague has one for you. There is nothing like a cappuccino first thing in the morning before a long day of exploring and Prague has cafes located on almost every corner. Whatever type of vibe you are in search of, I guarantee you will find the perfect, relaxing atmosphere that exceeds your European cafe dreams.

Cafe Imperial in Prague
Famous Cafe Imperial

6. International Food Scene

While traveling in Europe, most people will have a hard time finding their favorite foods from home. No fear of that in Prague. Throughout the city, you can find almost any type of cuisine you are craving. The endless sushi restaurants, delicious Indonesian foods, and an array of Mexican food choices prove that the International cuisine reigns supreme in Prague. This is not the case in many European cities, but Prague does a wonderful job of being inclusive to all different types of cuisine. And of course, local, Czech food is a cannot miss when spending time in Prague.

Mexican Food from Las Adelitas

7. The Farmers’ Markets

From March until mid-December, you can find bi-weekly (or more) farmers’ markets popping up all throughout the city. The farmers’ markets feature local produce, bread, meats, and cheeses as well as delicious beers, lively music, and locally-made products (like kitchen utensils and candles). The markets are a great way to get a taste of being a local in Prague while also supporting local farmers, enjoying delicious food and drinks, and basking in the lively atmosphere that is provided at each market.

Various desserts offered at Náplavka farmers’ market

8. Prague Zoo

Prague has one of the highest-rated zoos in Europe and is a must-see for any traveler. It has won high ratings for one of the world’s best zoos by many, including Forbes and TripAdvisor. The zoo has an array of animals and prides itself on its conservation efforts. Visiting the Prague Zoo is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Giraffes at Prague's zoo.jpg
Giraffes at the Prague’s Zoo

9. Nightlife

Central Europe is notorious for its bustling nightlife and Prague confirms that by offering some of the greatest nightclubs in Europe. Dance the night away, interact with locals, and enjoy the aforementioned cheap beer! Don’t stress about getting home either; Prague’s night tram runs all night long and travels all through the city. If you aren’t into the wild club scenes, there are plenty of relaxing bars and pubs that might be more up your alley. Whatever your preferred nightlife, Prague has something for you.

Czech Absinth bar

10. Locality

One of the best parts about spending a few days in Prague is how easy it is to see the countries surrounding it. After seeing Prague, it is easy to hop on a plane, train, or bus and see Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and many other countries both to the east and west of the country. Enhance your Euro trip by seeing as many countries as possible in a short amount of time. Productivity at its finest.

Central Europe Map
Perfect location to travel around Central Europe

There you have it, ten reasons you need to plan your trip to Prague as soon as possible. Prague is the perfect place to visit any time of the year. Each season brings the promise of a new festival, market, or activity that is unique to the city. Book your trip today!

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